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International Education Department Having Seminars on Mandarin Teaching

  On the 4th of March, 2014, a seminar with regard to mandarin teaching had been held at International Education Department office. All the faculty members in mandarin teaching group and administrative staff attended the seminar, which was hosted by the Chief Officer, Miss Zheng Jing.


  During the seminar, issues regarding mandarin teaching had been discussed. At First, Miss Zhang Xiaoping explicitly described the problems of international students learning mandarin, which are low attendance ratio and lack of self-discipline. In addition, Miss Zhang expressed her own opinions and suggestions on how to improve the quality of mandarin class. Deputy Chief Jiang Meihua, Zhangjing and teachers Mao Jie , Chen Han etc. have expressed their own opinions on teaching international students Mandarin classes.


  At last, Miss Zhengjin affirmed that in terms of Mandarin teaching, we have to improve the quality of the class so as to help the students pass HSK exams. It is important to do so because through this means the school can attract more international students. At the same time, faculty members are required to improve the teaching skills and quality of the class. Miss Zhengjin also emphasized the point that international students’ education is a new and challenging job for every staff and it needs creativity to get the job done. Therefore, it is important for us to be both creative and practical to hit our target successfully this year.

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