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Exciting Moments:International Students Compete in the 12th School Sports Meeting

Exciting Moments:

International Students Compete in the 12th School Sports Meeting


The 12th school sports meeting was held in the west playground on October 27th and 28th. Over ten foreign students of International Education Department have participated in the competition of 11 projects, including men’s 400 meters, men’s 4*100 relay race, men’s shot put, discus, and javelin.

In the morning of October 27th, the Cameroon boy--Darlington has gained the first success in men’s 400 meters preliminaries, being the winner of his group. And in men’s 4*100 relay race in the afternoon, four foreign athletes from different countries have brought an exciting match, fully showing the teamwork spirit, their personal charisma and the international friendship. 

Through the sports meeting, international students has fully experienced the spirit of “Friendship first, competition second” and realized that Chinese students are aspirant, passionate and excellent. During the competition process, they made lots of Chinese friends and showed their own personal characteristics.

“We were really happy to compete with our schoolmates—Chinese students. And we did have a great time.” All the international students said so.


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