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Interim Administrative Measures Of "Tao Huayuan" Scholarships and grants for International Students

Chapter I   General Provisions

        Article 1: The purpose for establishment of the special "Tao Huayuan" scholarshipsand grants for international students in Changde Vocational Technical College is to expand the external influence, encourage international students to come to our college for further education, inspire students to study diligently, proactive, help students with financial difficulties to complete their studies,.

        Article 2: The scholarships and grants are funded by the college. The Finance Department is responsible for annual budget while the International Education Department  takes the charge of the day-to-day management.


Chapter II    Scope

        Article 3: The scholarships and grants should be allocated to those international students who have already studies, and intend to accept the opportunity of studying in our college or those who has taken the further education of more than one year.


Chapter Ⅲ Scholarships and Grants Categories and Award Criteria

        Article 4: There are scholarships and grants in our school. Scholarships are awarded to those international students with the outstanding academic results; while grants are given to those with economic difficulties.

        Article 5: The scholarships are divided into first-class and second-class scholarship.  First-class scholarship: 4,500 yuan(RMB) / year/person; Second-class scholarship: 3,000 yuan / year/person; Grants: 1,500yuan / year/person.


Chapter IV   Application Conditions

        Article 6: International students applying for scholarships and grants should have the following basic conditions:

        1. Have foreign nationality; hold foreign passports in accordance with the law; adherence to his/her friendly attitude toward China;

        2. Consciously abide by laws and regulations in China, as well as the rules and regulations in our college;

        3. Honest and trustworthy, sound moral cultivation and good health.

        Article 7:International students applying for scholarships and grants should have other conditions:

        1.For non-degree students: they must have a high school diploma or above and have studies at the college for more than one semester. They can apply for student subsidies.

        2. For students studying for a degree: International students applying for the first-class scholarship should be receiving full-time college education. During the education, he/she should get outstanding academic results—the score of every subject is more than 80 points, while the final average score is of 85 points or more; International students who applying for the second-class scholarship should be hardworking, and have good grades in courses-- the score of every subject is more than 70 points, while the final average score is of 75 points or more; International students who applying for grants should be hardworking, pass the exams in all subjects, and come from economically disadvantaged families.

         Article 8: International students who have already enjoy scholarships provided by the Chinese government scholarships, Confucius Institute Scholarship, the Hunan University Scholarship or other organizations, in principle, should not be able to apply for college scholarships that year.Those international students who has obtained  scholarship in our college, then in principle they can not apply for bursary. 

Chapter Ⅴ Application, Review, Distribution of  Scholarships and Grants

        Article 9:In terms of application conditions, International students may apply for scholarships in each academic year. Eligible students can make application in succession.

        When applying for scholarships, freshman should submit“Changde Vocational Technical Tao Huayuan scholarship Application Form for international student ”(see the attached table), and the scanned copy of the passport, the highest education (graduation certificate) by the network. When entering the college, freshmen hand in the corresponding paper documentation to the International Education Department.

        Undergraduates receive “Changde Vocational Technical Taohuayuan scholarship Application Form for international student” from the International Education Department. After completely filling out the form, students submit back to the office together with other related materials.

        Article 10: After accepting applications for international student’s scholarships, the International Education Department will discuss with the respective department of the college, and report results to the director; once after this round of review by director, materials should be handed in to the Dean’s office. If they discuss and approve the applications in the meeting, implementation of the final assessment results will be carried out.

        Article 11:  The number of students withscholarships is determined according to the international students enrollment in that year, in which first-class scholarships accounted for 10%, second-class scholarships 20%, grants 70%.

        Article 12: Those international students who have been confirmed of the award-winner will receive their scholarships before the end of September each year released by the Finance Department. The freshman will get scholarships within three months after entering college. If holders of scholarship violate Chinese laws or the school discipline during their studies, scholarship will be canceled that year, stop issuing or recovering scholarships.


Chapter VI  Other

        Article 13: The supervision and inspection of scholarships for international students should be strengthened. If false, impersonator, interception, misappropriation and other violations of scholarships are found in issuing scholarships, strict penalty will be made in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

        Article 14: This Regulation is effective from the date of publication. The International Education Department of Changde Vocational Technical College is responsible for the interpretation.

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