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Gardening technology

       1. Specialty Orientation and Training Specifications

       1.1 Specialty Orientation

       This specialty is aimd to cultivate high-quality professionals that suit to the frontline demand in the horticultural industry with the capacity for grassland maintenance, plant production, landscaping and design. They are supposed to achieve the intermediate grade in professsional standards.

       1.2 Training Specifications

      1.2.1  Ability Goals Have the language competence. Be able to talk about the designing plan and design idea, to train technical workers, and to write essays.  Be proficient in using office softwares such as word and excel and other on-line resourse. Master the landscape application softwares such as CAD.  Be able to identify more than 300 plants. Mater the production and management expertise of common commodity forms of plants(germchit, potting, cut-flower, lawn, and nursery stock). Have the ablity to use flowers and plants to decorate interior and outdoor space.  Be able to carry out basic maintenance for the machines and tools, and to conduct comprehensive maintenance management by using the system theory and holism. Be able to design small or medium-sized greenbelt, to draw by hands or using computers. Master the basic skills of bidding for landscape engineering and and budgeting. Master the general  garden construction procedures. Have the capacity for construction of small and medium-sized gardens’greening. Be able to conduct construction organization, design and management.

      1.2.2 Knowledge Goals Master the plant morphology, physiology, growing enviromnents and other basic knowledge. Master the basic knowledge about plant introduction, breeding, cultivation and pests prevention and treatment. Master the basic knowledge about landscape design and construction management. Master the basic knowledge abouth garden greenbelts’maintenance and management. Know how to use computers.


      1.2.3 Attitude Goal Have the pioneering and entrepreneur spirits that suit to the market economy. Have good moral characters, passion for gardening work.  and legal awareness. Have team spirits and the ability to adapt to new environmnet. Have the ability for acquire knowledge and use it. Insist on physical exercise and have a health mind and positive attutude towards life.

      2.  Personnel Traning Mode

      The department of horticulture has constructed a 2.5 + 0.5 pattern based on college-enterprise cooperation on the campus landscaping and maintenance after long-time practice. 5 to 10 landscape enterprises are chosen to form a cooperation team with the college. Then the enterprise chooses 1 or 2 specialized teachers to be in charge of the cooperations, including contact, professional teaching, scientific research and marketing. Thus they can complement each other’s advantages, promote themselves, and readjust and renew teaching plans according to the lastest information from the enterprises. The department also has strengthened the management and guidance of intern recommendation, practice, after-class activities and psycological activities, and attached great importance to students’ attitude during internship and the ability check.

      3. Curriculum System Construction and Course Construction

      The department has reconstructed the specialized course structure based on the working process of the horticultural positions: firstly, to carry out market research on horticultural professionals and to know about the change in requirements for the professionals; secondly, to conduct occupational analysis(positions, typical work tasks, professional skills and core abilities); thirdly, to conduct analysis on the professional skills of the horticultural talents and and to establish a curriculum structure after assimilation and classification, to close study the each course’s goal, contents; fourthly, develop core courses and construction of teaching resource band by cooperating with the enterprises. Here are the core courses in the table below.


Core courses

Persons in charge

Contents of developing core courses

Garden seedling prodution technology

GU Zhenhua

DENG Xianjun(Eastern Changde Road Greening Office)

Course teaching mode, teaching team, course criteria(teaching syllabus), overall teaching design, teaching methods and ways, appraisal system, teaching materials and electronic teaching plan,teaching courseware, exercises, and related course resourses.

Garden plant prodution technology

BU Hongfent

GUO Jianbin(Zhongren Landscaping)

Garden design

GU Jianzhong

LIU Hua(Changde Bureau of Parks)

Garden construction technology

GU Jianzhong

XIONG Zuoyuan(Changde Bureau of Parks)

Greenbelts maintenance technology

WU Zhimin

QIN Jianjun(Eastern Changde Road Greening Office)


      The construciton of course resource bank centers on the goal of talent training, course system, teaching contens, simulation training, teaching guidance, cases from the enterprise, evaluation and so on. By cooperating with the enterprises, the college has placed all the teaching material of the core courses on the internet and set up specialized webpage to allow sharing and autonomous learning, as well and professional teaching.During 2012 to 2013, the 5 core courses(Garden seedling prodution technology, garden plant prodution technology, garden design, garden construction technology and garden greenbelt maintenance technology) and 6 kinds of teaching resources(texts, picture, videos, animation, teaching coursewares and question bank) will be constructed with the combination of Zhijiaoxinganxian, a on-line learning site, to support the construction.

       4. Teaching Team Construction

      There are 17 specialized teachers in this department, among whom 10 are holder of senior title, accounting for 59%. There are 2 professors, and the double-qualified teachers account for 58%. 15 teachers have a master’s degree. Besides, 5 part-time teacher are employed.

      5.  Construcion of Practice Conditions

      The department has established 7 advanced training rooms, among which 4 are on-campus training bases with the value of the equipments worth nearly 1.74 million yuan. By cooperating the enterprises, 11 off-campus traning bases are built.

           Basic Information of Practice Teaching Conditon of the Horticulture Specialty


Lab(name of the base)

Equipments and facilities

Major function

Garden plant lab

microscope、plant specimens、illumination incubator、drying oven

Plant morphology identification

Garden plant growing environment lab

PH meter、conductometer、phytotron、soil nutrient tester

Testing of plants’growing environment

Plant protection lab

specimen、qutoclaved sterilization pot、clean bench、incubator

Recognition of pests and prevention

Garden design drawing room

Drawing tools、softwares、level

Draw and design

Langscape analysing room

projector、video presenter

On-line learning and discussion

Garden CAD center

Computer and softwares

Computer design and budgeting

Machine and tool room

Brush cutter、lawn mower、grass-cutting machine、perforating machine

Use of tools and maintenance

Perennial flower production training base

glasshouse、fertilization system、dripping and irrigation system

Garden plant prodution

Flower and grassproduction training base

Plastic-cover tunnel

Garden plant prodution

Greenbile maintenance training base


Greenbelt maintenance

Garden nursery stock produtiocn training base


Garden plant prodution

Off-campus training bases (11)

Changde Dazhong landscaping,Wulin parks, Eastern Changde Greening office, Western Changde Greening Office, Changde Changling Agriculture

Garden plant prodution、garden engineering、Greenbelt maintenance and so on.



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