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Animal Husbandry and Veterinary

        1. Specialty orientation and personnel training specifications

        1.1 Professional orientations

        High-quality and skilled professionals should be trained by our college, who should possess the following characteristics: be adapted to the needs of the first line of the construction of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine and related industries; own the capability of farms production and management, disease control, feed formulation, improved breeding, animal husbandry and economic management; hold the relevant grade standards of vocational skills above the intermediate level.

        The main jobs of this department: culturist and breeder for all kinds of livestock, poultry and economic animal farms; producer and salesman for a variety of feed, veterinary drugs, additives and livestock product; veterinarian.

        1.2 Training Standards

        1.2.1 Knowledge goals: students should be proficiency in the knowledge of breeding and reproduction of livestock and poultry, animal disease control, the nutritional needs of the animal, feed processing, and farms construction.

        1.2.2 Ability goals: students should reach the ability goal of scientific breeding and management of various livestock and poultry, diagnosis and prevention of the morbidity and mortality of livestock and pet group, sales capabilities and comprehensive ability of feed and veterinary drugs.

        1.2.3Quality objectives: a sense of responsibility, complying with professional ethics, the spirit of collaboration, the sense of innovation.

        2. The training model

        The training mode “1 +1 +0.5 +0.5” that is "farm + Animal Hospital + professional training" has been built through school-enterprise cooperation of the Department of Animal husbandry and veterinary. There are three stages:

        The first stage is the first academic year of professional cognitive stage. The main task for freshmen is to master the basic skills both in the school laboratory and training base, and also form a perceptual knowledge with task-driven training.

        The second stage is the second academic year of vocational skills training stage. Professional skills for each individual should be improved through practical activity of disease prevention and control of various animals such as pigs, cattle, sheep, chicken and etc. in training base of college.

        The third stage of the third academic year. The former semester is the intensive training stage of the comprehensive skill, while the last semester is the practical training stage of occupational comprehensive ability. Students work in the corporate for internships as prospective employees to master comprehensive working skills.

        3. The curriculum system construction and course construction

        The practical teaching has been advocated by the Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary, and "work-study" mode of teaching is greatly developed. In this way students can enhance their practical ability, social adaptability and employability and competitiveness. In 2008 the idea of building a modular professional course system reform has been put forward. And the main contents of this project course are as followings: take livestock production practices as the main line, design the development of farming skills, and improve disease prevention and control technology in the practical application. In 2010, after extensive market research, 13 core professional curriculums have been developed, such as “professionals training program for vocational animal husbandry and veterinary”, “pig production”, “cattle and sheep production”, “pond fish”, “poultry production”, “Pets Disease Control and Prevention” and “The clinical veterinary treatment technology”.

        4. The construction of teaching team

        There are 12 professional full-time teachers in this department, including one professor, four associate professors, five lecturers, two assistants; five teachers Master’ Degree, seven teachers Bachelor’s Degree. Professional teachers not only has a solid theoretical foundation, but also has a strong practical ability, and most of them hold various professional qualification certificates, such as the senior animal disease prevention and control certificate, vocational veterinary certificate, senior pets certificate, senior feed testing technicians certificate and etc. The ratio of "Shuang Shi" teacher reaches to 70%(“Shuang Shi” means the teachers have boththe TeacherCertificationand the certificate that is useful in the company); there is one professional leaderof academy level; 15 industry experts have been hired through school-enterprise “mutual appointment, mutual coordination”; professional teachers in all kinds of competitions won the first prize twice, second prize twice. During the past five years, there are a total of 7 research topics in our college more than the municipal level, and38 papers published in the open publication.

        5. The construction of practice conditions

        The Department of animal husbandry and veterinary has a total of 8 specialized laboratories: Animal Science and Technology Museum, veterinary clinical diagnosis, animal and microbial; and 6 internship base in college: animal hospitals, pig farms, cattle farms, fishing pond, rabbits farms and Changde De Tian Research Institute of Special Economic animal, and etc;and many state-of-the-art equipments,such as the blood analyzer, biochemical analyzer, animal B-machine, mobile X-ray machine, biopsy, clean bench, shadowless lamp and animal operating table and other advanced instruments and equipments. The total value of the instruments and equipments mentioned above are about 2.529 million RMB. Moreover in order to meet the requirements of practice teaching, our college builds a stable, cohesive off-campus training base with more than 10 enterprises, such as Hunan lake colonization, Sunshine Dairy, San Jian Group, Jinshan animal husbandry, Shuang Jia Holdings, Tong Wei Group, and also provide good training conditions for students’ professional internships.



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