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Business Management

        1. Specialty Orientation

        1.1 Specialty Orientation and Training Specifications

        To train personnels suited for the management position at small or medium-sized enterprises with all-round development, good work ethics and humanistic quality. Students are also supposed to master the required knowledge concerning business management, to have professional skills with enterpreneur spirits and innovative ability.

        Empolyments aim at:

        a. gross-root production management: job foreman, QC, purchaser, production planner, material controller

        b. HR management: HR assistant, HR manager, clerk and so on

        c. Marketing management: marketing manager, district manager, brand supervisor, salesperson and so on.

        1.2 Training Specifications

        Studetns will be trained to acquire the professional qualities and skills required by the management position with a healthy body and mind. They are also supposed to become high-quality professionals with the ability for sustainable learning and development.

        1.2.1 Ability Goals  Have good professional skills, including: the ability to analyse, research and predict the market, to conduct market planning, product promotion, marketing management and purchase management activities, to manage the enterprises, and to know how to start a business. Have the knowledge about accounting examination and supervision management. Have the ability to conduct practice with strong adaptability. Have the related professional skills required by the industry. Students are also supposed to graduate with two certificate: the graduation certificate and a professional certificate. Have high comprehensive qualities, including the abilities to write, organize, coordinate, communicate operate, innovate, learn and adapt to the society.

        1.2.2 Knowledge Goals Master the related political theories and basic knowledge concerning economics Master the basic knowledge required by the industry, including principles of management, basic accounting, introduction to economic law, managerial communication, introduction to E-commerce and so on. Be able to use the knowledge to conduct case analysis and processing. Master the specialized knowledge in marketing practices and planning, Purchasers’ professional practices, enterprises’ quality management, enterprises’ production management, HR management, financial management, chain stores’ operation and management, business negotiation, entrepreneurship education, logistics management and so on, and the management knowledge in HR management, production and quality management and so on.

        1.2.3 Attitude Goals Have a scientific outlook on life, the world and value Have the decency to abide by the laws. Be honest and trustworthy. Have the social responsibility and work ethics. Be commited and dedicated. Have the modern consciousness and cooperation awareness. Have good psycological quality and psycological adjustment ability.

        2.  Personnel Traning Mode

        The Department of Business Management has actively explored the practice teaching pattern that combines in-class case teaching, on-campus simulation training with off-campus teaching and intership practice, enabling the students to experience the work process even when they are studying at college and enhancing their recognition and professional skills of the management activities concerning production, quality, marketing, HR and so on. The college has cooperated with enterprises including the Changde Chain Store of Joindoor Ltd, Hunan Sanjin Pharmaceuticals Ltd and so on, thus establishing a local-industry-based

        2 + 1 training mode that combines work with learning, skills with qualities, and intership with employment. In this way, high quality professionals who are humble, loyal and skillful are trained for the enterprises.

        Students will spend two years at the college. In the first year, they will receive common and specialized courses given by school teachers. The practice and training will be guided by full-time teachers and part-time teacher who also work at enterprises. The practice and training will be conducted in the school’s training bases, with the aim to cultivate students’ basic qualities. In the second year, all the theoretical specialized courses will be given in the way of on-the-spot teaching and case study. Students are supposed to obtain the assistant marketing specialist certificate and the assistant HR specialist certificate. The practice and trainging will make full use of the enterprises’ resources, and be carried out the in enterprises, guided by practice guidance teachers, with the aim to cultivate students’ basic skills and core abilities. The third year is for the intership. Experienced enterprise administrators will be chosen to tutor the students and conduct professional traingings, with the aim to cultivate students’ core abilities. During the intership, double management pattern by both the college and the enterprises will be adopted.

         3.Curriculum Structure

        The curriculum structure is designed after the thorough market research guided by the Professional Guidance Committee, and the anylasis of the professional positions conducted by curriculum development team, based on the project-oriented and task-driven principle. After defining the professional skills each position requires, the curriculum integration has been carried out.

        The department has developed three courses, namely, basic accouting, quality management, production management by cooperating with Changde Zhengxin Accounting Service Ltd, Guangji Cereal Company and Sanjin Pharmaceuticals Ltd, with marketing manager verification course and HR manager verification course being included in the curriculum. Besides, 8 core courses are divided into 61 projects and 202 tasks. Characteristics of the courses, goals, modules and design, major training projects and teaching methods have beem further regulated, making teaching contents more concrete and practical and more pertinent towards personnel training.

        4. Teaching Team Construction

        The Department of Business Management has a high-quality, dedicated and innovative teaching team. There are 16 full-time teachers, 6 of whom are associate professors, accounting for 37.5%. 13 teachers, aged below 45, are holders of master’s degree or above,accounting for 75%. Most of the teachers have the experiences of working in the enterprises, and the double-qualified teachers account for 68.7%. All these have demostrated a reasonably-structured team in terms of age and professional titles.

        5. Construcion of Practice Conditions

        Business Management is a newly-established specialty after the college’s merger of three schools. It is designed based on the market demand, and is very practical and pragmatic specialty that requires high professional skills and practical ability. To meet the demand, the college, based on the “sufficient, advance, sharing and supporting” and “learning, teaching and doing” principles, has constructed a series of simulation training rooms and training bases by cooperating with enterprises to create a real occupational environment. The training rooms and bases which are in the process of being built include: business management simulation room, ERP sand table room, business negotiation simulation room, E-commerce room , manual accounting training room, accounting computerized room, Blue Sky Purified Water Factory, and the campus supermarket. Among the 8 training rooms and bases, 5 are training rooms located in the college, 3 are training bases being constructed either by the enterrises and the college or by the college itself. The training rooms are equiped with computers, softwares and multi-media teaching devices with the value of about 4.6 million yuan (including the equipments of the training factory), which can meet the demand of hand-on practice both in quantity and in quality.

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