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Vehicle Inspection

The Department of Vehicle inspection and maintenance technical


  Ⅰ. Professional Orientation and Personnel Training Specifications

  1 professional orientation: applications skilled personnel are trained in this Department who should have the following characteristics: have the basic theory, basic knowledge and skills of the vehicle inspection and maintenance technology;possess sound work ethic and innovation ability;be able to engage in vehicle inspection, vehicle maintenance, automotive technology management and service, automobiles and spare parts manufacturing and etc.

  Its main jobs: mainly for enterprises like automotive manufacturing, automobile repair, car marketing.engaged in vehicle inspection, maintenance and technical services. Suited job: automotive fault diagnosis and maintenance; motor vehicle testing and management; auto sales, insurance and claims; auto repair business management; automobile manufacturers assembly and commissioning, and after-sale technical service.

  2. Personnel Training Specification:

  2.1 Ability Objective:

  2.1.1Has the ability of understanding auto parts diagram, drawing simple auto parts diagram and parts assembly;

  2.1.2 Possess the basic skill of the correctly operating measuring tools, and using the commonly used testing and maintenance equipment skilledly;

  2.1.3Be able to correctly and skilledly select the parts of the automobile with appropriate tolerance;

  2.1.4Has the ability to in-depth analyse the structure and working principle of the modern car;

  2.1.5Has the ability to inspect, diagnose and repair modern car engines;

  2.1.6Has the ability to inspect, diagnose and repair modern car chassis;

  2.1.7Has the ability to inspect, diagnosis and repair modern automotive electrical systems;

  2.1.8Has the ability to evaluate and testing the modern cars performance;

  2.1.9Has the ability to comprehensively diagnosis and repair the morden cars;

  2.1.10Has the ability to promote the sales of car and related accessories and the to provide after-sales service;

  2.1.11 Has the ability to translate technological materials of foreign morden cars  and some inspection and maintenance equipment;

  2.1.12Has the basic ability of car insurance and claims;

  2.1.13Has the basic capabilities of providing service to the sale of modern car, corporate marketing strategy, vehicle identification and assessment;

  2.1.14Has the basic ability to read materials of modern car maintenance in English;

  2.1.15Has a car driving ability.

  2.2  Knowledge Objectives:

  2.2.1Master the theoretical knowledge of English needed in this major , mechanical drawing, auto mechanical basis, hydraulic and pneumatic transmission, automotive electrical and electronic technology;

  2.2.2Master the basic knowledge of the modern automobile structure and working principle;

  2.2.3Master the professional knowledge of modern vehicle maintenance, detection and diagnosis;

  2.2.4Master the basic knowledge of Motor performance evaluation and the use of of technology;

  2.2.5Master the professional knowledge of the structure, principle, use and maintenance of modern automotive testing and diagnosis equipment;

  2.2.6Understand the general knowledge of the automotive marketing and after-sales service and parts sales;

  2.2.7Has a certain level of English and computer application knowledge.

  2.3 Quality Objectives:

  2.3.1Have professional ethics, physical and mental health, humanities and social responsibility;

  2.3.2Have the ability of effective communication, team work;

  2.3.3Be law-abiding, honest, and has a sound work ethic;

  2.3.4Be hard, practical and realistic, possess surefooted style of work.

  Ⅱ. The Personnel Training Mode

  "2.5 +0.5" mode will be adopted, that is in the first year of college students should complete the teaching task of common required courses and cars cognitive; in second year students should accomplish the teaching task of professional core skill courses in the training center; In the first semester of the third academic year professional core skills and vocational skills concerning the vehicle inspection and maintenance tasks will be tested to meet the needs of future job; In the second semester of the third academic year students will be sent to the oppointed enterprises to practice. The block diagram of Personnel Training Model is as list below.

  "2.5 +0.5" Personnel Training Mode Block Diagram



  Ⅲ. The Curriculum System Construction and Course Construction

  The curriculum systemof "the idea of ​​building full vehicle+ car system structure and detection + full vehicle detection and maintenance skills training”is builded according to the thoughts of “Overall, local,comprehensive”,which focuses on the core curriculum, regards integrated training as a platform. Each core course contains a number of teaching projects, and each teaching project consists of several tasks. Set an exploratory coursein accordance with the students' learning ability and career development through comprehensive training and comprehensive training of professional competence in internships.

  In accordance withformation characteristics of Professional competence from simple to complex, from a single to a combination, the practice teaching and training system is established with four steps: from the individual ability to special ability and then from the comprehensive ability to professional positions capacity.The individual capacity training is combined with professional core courses teaching of "unify theory and practice, teaching learning,doing,test" with case teaching, task-driven teaching methods. Special ability training takes the form of “centralized week ”after the training of the core curriculum teaching and individual competence training;according to the occupational status task,comprehensive training is in the fifth semester, and training tasks are prepared to finish under the guidance of the training instructor; in the sixth semester, students go to the enterprise to practice, and completed vocational ability training, last possess the job competence. Curriculum System is as follows:

  Curriculum System table



  Ⅳ. The Teaching Team Building

  There are “double-certificate teachers”professional teachers in the Department ofVehicle inspection and maintenance technical expertise: there are 20 full-time and part-time teachers, including 12 professors, associate professors and senior engineer, and 7 teachers with graduate education (degree). Most of the teachers has practical work experience with a strong practical hands-on ability.

  Ⅴ. Practical Conditions Construction

  School has all kind of teaching facilities, and there are nearly 300 sets of equipment of teaching vehicle, equipment and instruments with worthy of 330 million, such as:. automotive construction and dismantling training room, the automobile engine disassembly training room, automotive chassis dismantling training room, automotive electrical training room, car plastic surgery training room and driving school which can fully meet the teaching requirements.

  5200 square meters of production training base--auto repair training center-- is jointly invested by the college and corporate with nearly 10 million yuan of. It is divided into four functional areas: the teaching of integrating theory into practice, simulation training, productive training and external vehicle inspection and maintenance services, equipped with modern teaching, test and maintenance equipment, and also can accommodate 300 students and the annual capacity is of more than 3000 machines.




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