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Mechatronical Technology

the Department of Mechatronical Technology

  Ⅰ. Professional Orientation and Personnel Training Specifications

  1. professional orientation: Understanding national standards related to the mechanical and electrical equipment and process specifications; master the knowledge of the mechanical basis, electric and electronic engineering, hydraulic and pneumatic, programmable control; be capable of using, assembling, adjusting, maintaining, failure analyzing and processing mechanical and electrical equipment for sustainable development; cultivate high quality skilled and specialized personnel that can meet the needs of production, management in the field of mechanical and electrical products in service line.

  Its main jobs: various types of mechanical and electrical equipment, alignment, machining process planning, electrical maintenance and mechanical and electrical equipment management and after-sales service positions in machinery manufacturing enterprises.

  2. Personnel Training Standards:

  2.1 The Ability Objective

  2.1.1has the operational capacity for the general machine tools and CNC machine tools.

  2.1.2has the capacity for machining process planning of mechanical parts and CNC programming capabilities

  2.1.3has the ability of selecting a modular fixture and designing simple fixture.

  2.1.4has assembly, repair and maintenance capabilities for the machine electrical control system.

  2.1.5 Has installation, commissioning and maintenance capabilities for the general mechanical equipment.

  2.1.6Has the design, assembly and adjustment capacity for Mechanical and Electrical Equipment programmable control technology.

  2.1.7Has commissioning, operation and maintenance capabilities for  mechanical and electrical products.

  2.1.8Has sales and after-sale service capabilities for commonly used mechanical and electrical equipment.

  2.2  Knowledge Objectives

  2.2.1Have mechanical identification and drawing knowledge.

  2.2.2Have the process design, fixture design knowledge of mechanical parts.

  2.2.3Have the knowledge of the typical part processed in the general machining.

  2.2.4Have the knowledge of programming CNC machine tools, and related processing knowledge.

  2.2.5Have the design and application knowledge of a programmable control system.

  2.2.6Have the circuit analysis and overhaul knowledge of machine electrical knowledge map and machine electrical control system

  2.3 Attitudes Objectives

  2.3.1Has a good code of conduct, ethics and law-abiding spirit.

  2.3.2Has to basic cultural knowledge and humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, basic knowledge adapted to the junior college.

  2.3.3Has a certain ability of logic thinking, analysis, and judgment and language expression.

  2.3.4Has a certain ability of English reading, translation and interpersonal skills.

  2.3.5 Has a strong ability of self-learning, innovation and entrepreneurship.

  2.3.6Has a global concept and a good team spirit and coordination skills, organizational skills and management capabilities.

  2.3.7Has a good health and good mental qualities.

  Ⅱ. The Personnel Training Mode

  Deepening the reform of work-integrated learning training mode is taken as a breakthrough to enhance international students' professional ethics and professional quality education. The characteristic of personnel training mode “2 +0.5 +0.5”are strengthening the practicalness, openness and occupation of the teaching process, exploring practice o-integrated learning mode: that is international students would study the basic theory of learning, professional knowledge and technical skills in school during the first two year; work shift training of comprehensive skills will be made in the first half of the third academic year; the internship will be made in the training base outside school during the second half of the third year.

  Ⅲ. The Curriculum System and Courses Construction

  According to requirements of equipment manufacturing industry technical and professional positions (group), unique curriculum system combining learning with practice would be developed with tasks or products taking as the carrier. Increase the productive training, internship, and the proportion of professional training courses, so that international students have the appropriate abilities when graduation. The Curriculum System Construction of theDepartment of mechatronical technology is shown in Figure 1.

  Ⅳ. The Teaching Team Construction

  The Department of Electrical and Mechanical technology has an outstanding teaching team led by the provincial-level professional leaders. There are 20 teachers and all are having an undergraduate degree or above, in which. The structure of teachers is reasonable. 1 provincial professional leaders, 1 college-level professional leaders, 3 professors, 8 associate professors (senior engineer), 17 double-qualified teachers, 9 teachers with master degree, 8 part-time teachers.

  Ⅴ. Practice Conditions Construction

  The Department of Electrical and Mechanical technology has good internal and external practical training conditions. In recent years, our College has invested more than 500 million to purchase experimental training equipment, and also invest more than 800 million RMB to build a new mechanical and electrical skills training center covering more than 8000 square meters with 15 experimental training rooms concerning mechanical principles and parts, hydraulic, electrical and electronictechnology, electrical control with PLC, interchangeability and technology measurement and etc. There is a mechanical and electrical training center covering an area of 2,500 square meters, with 10 productive training room, and a total of more than 200 sets in it including the ordinary milling training room, drilling machine training room, the ordinary lathe training room, fitter training room, the training room of the machining center, CNC lathe training room, which can accommodate 300 people for a variety of training. The arrangement of training venues is nearly to a real professional positions environment which can fully meet the requirements of students' occupational status in accordance with the teaching model "Theory and Practice integrated into one".

  In order to achieve the goal of international students’100% employment, our college not only attaches great importance to the construction of professional training base off campus, but also have signed a production practice and training cooperation agreement with these companies, such as Hunan Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. of South China, Hunan Changde Tobacco Machinery Co., Ltd., Changde Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., Sany heavy Industries Group Company, Xiangtan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., Zoomlion and many other enterprises.

Parts of Experimental Training Room Pictures

 Parts of Teaching Pictures(The teaching is the  Integration of theory and practice)



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