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Computer Network Technology

  Ⅰ. Professional Orientation and Personnel Training Specifications

  1. Professional Training Objectives

  The objective of the Department of Computer Network Technology is that mainly cultivate talents for those enterprises like information systems integration, information engineering supervision, IT products sales and service companies, as well as IT management sector in general enterprises. Practical and highly skilled personnel engaging in network construction, management, and technical services-oriented work are needed.

  Career goals are positioned as network engineers, web designers, system administrators, network security assistant, and IT products marketing channel manager.

  2 Personnel Training Standards

  2.1 Ability Objective

  2.1.1Complete the network system planning and design according to the users’ needs, including: network technology selection, topology design, IP address planning, selection, and other network services;

  2.1.2Select and dispose the number of network servers and main technical indicators according to requirements of network design scheme;

  2.1.3Select network equipment; determine the number and main technical indicators of the network design according to requirements of network design scheme;

  2.1.4 Select suitable transmission medium according to requirements of network design scheme; complete the connection of the network device;

  2.1.5Complete the required basic configuration of the switch, VLAN configuration, link aggregation configuration and switch configuration file backup and restore according to requirements of network design scheme;

  2.1.6Complete the required basic configuration of router basic configuration, static routing configuration, dynamic routing configuration, NAT address translation configuration and system files backup and upgrades  based on the application project design of network interconnection

  2.1.7 For Windows platforms, complete the installation of the Windows Server System software, the NTFS document and the dynamic disk management, and complete a local user account, group account and assign permissions to correctly install the Active Directory, centralized management in domain user and the network system resources according to server applications and requirements;

  2.1.8for the Linux platform, server applications and requirements to complete the installation of the Linux system software, samba file sharing, and NFS network deployment requirements set up users and permissions;

  2.1.9 Be able to complete installation, configuration, access management, log management of servers, like DHCP, DNS, WWW, FTP, E-mail and etc., according to the requirements of the network application services;

  2.1.10Be able to complete the testing and optimization of network system performance according to the requirements of the network application services and management functions;

  2.1.11Be familiar with the network security technology and industry-related products; can make safety program development and implementation;

  2.1.12 Be capable of operating and maintaining, monitoring, optimizing, and troubleshooting of network;

  2.1.13Complete the overall planning and design of website development project, including the theme positioning, Local planning, structure design, style design of website, according to user’ needs.

  2.1.14Be able to complete the coding design and optimization of the webpage's HTML according to requirements of network design scheme;

  2.1.15Be able to complete webpage publishing and website testing according to requirements of network design scheme;

  2.1.16Master the basic knowledge of project management; understand relevant laws and regulations of project management and implementation;

  2.1.17Have the good habits and sound ability of document management.

  2.2 Knowledge Objectives

  2.2.1Has strong analytical, judgment, generalization and logical thinking ability;

  2.2.2Has strong capabilities of a better word processing;

  2.2.3Has a good self-learning ability and strong English reading ability; has the spirit of tracking, studying, researching the new technology of the IT; grasp the technology developments trend and application of new technologies in a timely manner;

  2.2.4Has the comprehensive ability of computer hardware, software, network systems integration.

  2.3. Attitude objectives

  2.3.1There is a strong sense of professionalism and high sense of responsibility and integrity;

  2.3.2Be in good faith; comply with the code of ethics;

  2.3.3Has cooperative spirit of group;

  2.3.4Rigorous thinking, serious practical work, hard working;

  2.3.5Has good safety awareness;

  2.3.6 Possess good communication skills, good language skills.

  Ⅱ. The Personnel Training Mode

  The Department of Computer network technology actively seeks the chance to promote school-enterprise cooperation with well-known IT companies. During the processes of teaching, cutting-edge enterprise project case would be introduced. The personnel training mode in this Department is adopted the training mode of "2.5 +0.5", that is two-and-a-half years in school, while six months in the real job internship.

  In the first academic year, the project teaching method is adopted. International students are bale to complete the professional foundation courses learning and also carry out a variety of cultural activities, which can not only train the students 'professional skills, but also focus on training students' innovative spirit.

  In the second academic year, students will learn the professional core courses introducing the forefront project of enterprise, so that students not only familiar with the real job requirements, but also cultivate their comprehensive ability which can accelerate the conversion of becoming IT professional man step by step.

  In the second academic year, according to the standard, school and enterprise would make intensive training for international students, and comprehensively improve the students' professionalism. Then arrange internships for students and put them to their counterparts in positions in the enterprises in order to achieve "zero distance docking”.

  Ⅲ. The Curriculum System Construction and Course Construction

  By understanding and analyzing work content of information system construction, combined with the working process of information systems construction, student jobs are determined, professional quality and professional core competencies which is required to the relevant job positions are extracted to build a comprehensive Curriculum System.

  Four “modular” curriculums are build that is "basic preparation-- learning network", "design and construction of small and medium-sized network - building a network", "the integrated network management and security protection - pipe network", " the construction and management of small and medium-sized site - network" to realize the improvement of students' basic operating skills and technology application ability from simple to complex, single to comprehensive, and lower to higher.

  Professional core courses: C language programming, the basic principles of network, configuration and management of network operating systems, routers and routing foundation, data exchange and relay routing, network cabling and testing, technology and implementation of network security, WAN technologies, ASP. NET Web site design and development, network construction plan, VPN solutions plan.

  Ⅳ. The Teaching Team Construction

  The Department of Computer network technology always adhere to the professional construction concept of "professionally run a school, qualified teachers prior to everything".  So that in our college, a team of high quality teachers are constructed who have the following characteristics: be high-quality, professional; be young and middle-aged backbone; having reasonable structural levels; possessing rich teaching experience, and prominent achivemnts in scientific research.

  There are 36 professional teachers, in which "Double-qulified" teachers are more than 85% including 15 teachers with high-professional title, the proportion of 41%; 18 teachers with medium-grade professional title, the proportion of 50%;  16 teachers with master's degrees; 3 members in Changde city government information expert data base; 8 evaluation experts in government finances procurement information; 5 national examinants. Some rich experienced part-time IT teachers are also employed.

  Ⅴ. Practical conditions Construction

  The Department of Computer network technology is always keeping up with the cutting-edge technology. The construction of practical conditions, whose teaching characteristics is project-based, blended in the teaching ideas"teaching, learning and doing", therefore enterprises provide not only real practical training environment, but also strong technical support which can meet the professional needs of teaching completely. The college now has 6 multimedia computer rooms,  8 network computer rooms, including 18 sets laboratory equipments for project simulation training (Listed in the table below). Equipment supports for the students' practical skills training are provided, such as servers of IBM System X3300 M4, Dell PowerEdge 12G T620 Dell PowerEdge the, 12G R720xd and a variety of types of access, aggregation, core routers and etc.  

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