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Medical Cosmetology Technology

Department of Clinical Medicine (Medical cosmetology direction)

  1. Specialty Orientation and Training Specifications

  1.1 Specialty Orientation

  Oriented to the needs of the medical cosmetic market, comprehensive skilled personnel, who can engage in work concerning cosmetology instructor, beauty technicians, beauty marketing and management in all kinds of hospitals and beauty organizations, should be cultivated with the basic theory and skills of medical knowledge, clinical medicine and beauty medical technology and full of innovative, entrepreneurial spirit.

  Employment-oriented: work at the cosmetic organization at all levels and the plastic surgery hospital. Engaged in cosmetology instructor, beauty consultant, beauty technician, beauty products marketing staff, and administrators and etc.


  1.2. Training Specifications

  1.2.1 Ability Goals Professional abilities: Be able to dovarious cosmeticoperationsindependently and effectivelysuch as the ordinary beauty concerning skin care, make-up, Chinese medicine cosmetology,physical cosmetology, surgical beauty treatments and other medical beauty treatments; provide service on beauty advice and beauty guidance with expertise; have the ability to manage and promote sales of beauty products. Social abilities: Be able to communicate effectively with others; Have the ability to coordinate with others; Be capable of publicizing and appealing to others. The ability to use tools: Be skillful in using computer to get and process information; have the ability of making a daily communication with others in Chinese. The ability to learn and innovate: have the ability to learn by himself and learn for life;  be able to integrate professional skills to innovate and renovate.

  1.2.2 Knowledge Goals Grasp basic medical knowledge. Grasp the basic theoretical knowledge of medical and cosmetic technology. Grasp knowledge of beauty advice, beauty marketing, and beauty institutions management. Grasp the basic knowledge of the curriculum of the humanities, natural sciences, Chinese and computer.

  1.2.3 Attitude Goals Establish a scientific outlook on the world, life and values. Have a healthy mind and body. Serve at the beauty treatment institutions at different levels. Act as a preacher of beauty. Have the humanitarian spirits to value life and care for patients; own the professional ethicsof respecting human rights, protecting privacy,and openness basing on sincerity; have the work style of modest and keeping improving; consider the service object as their own supreme interests. has a goodconsciousnessof teamwork, risk, legal and rights. Fully understands the current particularity of the medical and cosmetic as a emerging industry, establish the concept of lifelong learning, and constantly improve and enhance the self quality.

  2. Personnel Training Mode(medical cosmetology Direction)

The Department of Clinical Medicine (medical cosmetology Direction)has constructed the “2 + 1“personnel training mode that combines the college with health care industry and the hospital. In their freshman year and sophomore year, students will learn specialized courses and receive professional training given by the college’s medical practice center, the teaching hospital, cooperative enterprise. In their third year, they will work as interns atcooperative enterprise.

  3. Curriculum System Construction and Course Construction

  The curriculum system construction of Clinical Medicine Department (medicalcosmetologyDirection)is based on the principle: “hospitals deeply engaged, professional standard oriented. Under such principle, the curriculum system and the practical teaching system have been established that are geared to Clinical Medicine and medicalcosmetic techniques. The curriculum design doesn’t confine itself to the disciplinary architecture only. Instead it combines theory with practice, focuses on students’ professional competence and modularized the structure based on the working process.

  4. The Teaching Team Construction

  The Department of Clinical Medicine (medicalcosmetologyDirection) has highly qualified professional teachers with "Double-qualified structure". There are 24professional teachers, including 9 professors and chief physician, and 5 associate professors, deputy chief physician.

  5. Construction ofPractice conditions

  In addition to shared medicine practical teaching conditions, such as two training center of foundation medicine and clinical medicine and one Personal Body Life Science Museum and etc.,The Department of Clinical Medicine (medicalcosmetologyDirection) also has beauty training center with 1800m M2 of more than 2.8 million. The Department cooperates with some well-known beauty companies for trainingthe corresponding personnel. Now there are 12 enterprises like that to have directional cooperate with us.




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