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The Department of Nursing


  The Department of Nursing in our college, founded in 1951, is not only the designed personnel training units for cultivating and sending nursing talents to Xiangya Hospital(which is the famous comprehensive hospital in our province) , but also the theory teaching base of standardized job training for midwives in Hunan Province. Meanwhile this Department got many achievements, for example it was identified as the elite specialty of vocational colleges in Hunan Province in 2008, regarded as the characteristic specialty of Hunan Vocational Colleges in 2012, and won the honorary title “The Excellent National Women collective" in 2009.

  Ⅰ. Specialty Orientation and Personnel Training Specifications

  1.  Specialty Orientation

  Technical and skilled professionals are trained in this Department, who should possess the following characteristics: have a sound work ethic and humanities; master professional necessary basic theory, basic knowledge and skills; can engaged in clinical care, emergency care, community health services, health care and other works in medical and health institutions. The main jobs for the international students in the Department of Nursing are engaged in clinical care, emergency care, community care, health care, health guidance or family care in the medical and health service agencies.

  2 . Personnel Training Standards

  2.1 The Ability Objective

  2.1.1 has commonly used technical operations capabilities of the basic nursing and clinical care.

  2.1.2 has abilities for sensitive observations and coaching the condition of patients with common diseases, a common drug efficacy, and adverse reactions preliminary; be able to analyze and solve common health problems for the patients.

  2.1.3 has the emergency handling capacity and emergency response capacity for those various kinds of acute and critical patients; initial and with the rescue; has a basic ability to deal with public health emergencies.

  2.1.4 has the basic ability of overall care implementation with the use of the basic working method of the nursing program and patients in the hospital as the subjects.

  2.1.5 has the basic ability to provide overall care, health services, rehabilitation guidance and health education to individuals, families and communities.

  2.1.6 has the certain care and management capabilities for medical community health services.

  2.2 Knowledge Objective

  2.2.1 Possess the basic scientific and cultural knowledge and certain computer application knowledge.

  2.2.2 has the necessary basic medical knowledge and clinical specialized knowledge that this major needed.

  2.2.3 has the ability to protect the patient and their own legitimate rights with the law awareness.

  2.2.4 has formal professional conduct and medical safety awareness.

  2.3  Attitudes Objective

  2.3.1 has a firm professional faith, a good work ethic, dedication and rigorous scientific work style.

  2.3.2 has the ability of adapting to social and interpersonal communication, better coordination with work and interpersonal relationships, strong team spirit and sense of service.

  2.3.3 has a life-long learning ability to adapt to job changes, job role adaptability and capacity for sustainable development.

  2.3.4 has good health, and mental qualities.

  Ⅱ. The PersonnelTraining Model

  The training model “trained by colleges, combination doing with studing, holding double certificates simultaneously” and sub-teaching model "1.8 +1 +0.2", that is there are 18 months in school for studing, 10 months for clinical practice, practicing research training for two months. Most of the time during the 18 months of the school, the international students learn in our college, while a small number of professional courses will be finshed in urban practice base; During the 10-month of clinical practice, international students practice in a hospital of a second-rank first class throughout the day. After the end of the internship, international students go back to school to participate in a 2 months practicing research training which is adopted such teaching methods as  combination all-true teaching with simulation teaching, hospital with school, multi-course cross, integrated and phased organization.

  Ⅲ. The Curriculum System Construction and Course Construction

  The career curriculum system (see Figure 1), with multi-dimensional structure and a sound practical openration, enable international students to obtain professional core competencies and professional career for sustainable development. This system takes clinical departments, typical work processes and the work task as the main line,and also focus on human health. With the clinical typical case as the carrier, the course teaching organization is design according to the hospitalization process; In the whole process of teaching, professional knowledge education, professional ethics, professionalism, occupational safety and other aspects of education are all arranged. The Pepartment of nursing obtain permission of Teaching Pilot Reform Unit in Hunan Higher Vocational Education in 2003.


  Figure 1  The curriculum system with focusing on nurses’ work ability

  In 2008, professional core courses “basic technology of Nursing” is awarded as National Excellent Courses, and six professional core courses have obtained college-level curriculum reform project, such as “basic technology of Nursing” "internal medical care", "surgical care”, “emergency care”, “pediatric care”, “obstetrics and gynecology care” in which four courses “basic technology of Nursing” "internal medical care", "surgical care”, “emergency care” come through overall design and unit design acceptance.Three courses “basic technology of Nursing” "internal medical care", "surgical care” have been completed the construction of the course grade teaching resource library.

  Ⅳ. The Teaching Team Construction

  The teachers in Department of nursing are a professional team with reasonable title, education background, and the age structure. There are 112 full-time and part-time teachers (including basic medical courses and specialized courses), in which 14 teachers with senior professional title, 45 clinical front-line teachers. There are 61 full-time teachers in teaching specialized courses, including 25 teachers with senior professional title, 22 teachers with medium-grade professional title. Meanwhild in our college there are one professional leaders of the vocational schools in Hunan Province, one famous teachers among ordinary colleges, one provincial young backbone teachers, one visiting scholar bothe in domestic and within province the province.In 2008 nursing professional teaching team became a provincial-level teaching team.

  Nearly three years full-time teachers have hosted and involved in a total of 33 the education and professional application technology research, in which there are 1 provincial education teaching award, 2 national utility model patents issued by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China, 7 provincial scientific research topics, 5 Science and Technology Bureau research topics, 14 research topics of college-level, 4 progress Awards issued by Changde Municipal Science and Technology. 121 research papers have published concerning education, teaching, and applied technology. 40 school-based materials are published. In 2012 under the guidance of professional teachers, students who participate in Hunan Vocational Skills Competition get one first prize, three second prize, and three third prize. Two third prize are obtained in the National Skills Competition in the same year; In 2013 under the guidance of professional teachers, students gain two second prize, two third prize in Hunan vocational Skills competition with winning rate of 100%.



  Ⅴ. Practice Conditions Construction

  1. On- campus Practical Training conditions

  Nursing Skills Training Center is not only a national talent training base for skills shortage types, but also the key training base that the central financial supported. This Center covers an area of 5684 square meters, and has invested more than 1000 million. There are 44 classrooms built with simulation project, 100 simulation beds with advanced equipment, multiple functions, enough beds. In accordance with the Clinical Hospital and humane care concept, the nurses station, ICU, clinical analog ward, maternity ward, operating room, and bedside oxygen, calling system, are provided which is full of occupational cultural atmosphere. Besides professional skills training program has a corresponding training room with teaching, training and service functions.



  2. Off-campus Practical Training Conditions

  Our college has not only established 2 affiliated hospital, 7 practice teaching bases for students clinical training and social practical activity, but also signed a long-term cooperation in running school agreement with more than 50 comprehensive hospitals of first class outside the Hunan province, like Shanghai, Guangdong Hainan and other places. At the same time they can accept more than 1500 students in our college for clinical practice.The personnel training oriented post have their counterparts job in the clinical internship.



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