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Accommodation Management Approach of Foreign Students in Changde Vocational Technical College (Trial)

Chapter One General Principles

1 Inaccordance with the relevant laws and administrative regulations, combined with the actual situation of our college, the management approach is formulated to maintain the normal teaching and living order, as well as provide a better learning environment for the foreign students and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the school and students.

2 The ownership of the dormitory belongs to Changde Vocational Technical College. The International Education Department and logistics are responsible for the property management and service. Foreign students in the dormitory should obey the management and support the work of the college.

Chapter Two Reservation, Check-in and Check-out

3 Foreign students who are admitted and enrolled to Changde Vocational Technical College are qualified to apply for the dormitory, but the qualification would be canceled for students who are in violation of school regulations. After the application of students and the approval by the college, the International Education Department and logistics should arrange the accommodation.

4 Foreign students are not allowed to change the designated rooms and beds without the approval of the International Education Department. During the accommodation period, students only have two chances to change their rooms. 

5 Foreign students should pay all the accommodation expenses once at check-in. Normally, the accommodation fees extend to the end of the school year. Students who don’t pay off fees within three working days since they receive the reminder notice will be forced to check-out and canceled the accommodation qualifications. 

6 Foreign students who leave school for graduation, completion, dropout, suspension and so on, expiration of the accommodation agreements, and voluntarily request for check-out should go through the procedures and clear out all the payments.

7 The check-out foreign students who require to reinstate should reapply for the dormitories.

Chapter Three Passport, Visa and Registration

8 The check-in procedure requires foreign students to provide legal, valid passports and visas (or travel documents approved by Chinese government) and is handled by International Education Department in accordance with Law on the Entry and Exit of Aliens.

9 Foreign students should have valid passports and visas during the accommodation period. Any extension, renewal or alteration of visas is in need of a new registration. Students who fail to register in time due to the expired visa personally are unable to live in the dormitory until they finish the registration again.

10 Foreign students who go out for more than 24 hours shall inform their head teacher.

Chapter Four Accommodation Management

11 Respecting the individual privacy of students, our college still has the rights to enter and take back the rooms. The school shall enter the rooms without notice when dealing with emergencies, conducting security checks, or believing that there is a violation of Accommodation Approach. 12 Respecting rights and feelings of others is an essential part of family spirit of Changde Vocational Technical College. Any hostile actions damaging a good atmosphere or threatening others should be regarded as the serious offense behaviors. The school shall punish the abusive or harassing verbal and physical behaviors, especially those slandering others against gender, race, nationality, personal characteristics or beliefs and threatening or hurting others. Foreign students should respect others’ reasonable privacy requirements and take good care of personal belongings and public property.

13 Our school is dedicated to protecting natural resources. The tradition should be inherited and developed by all the boarders. Foreign students should cultivate the good habit of saving energy. Room lights or other electrical equipments should be switched off when not needed. Students should take a shower at a right time without affecting others. All the electrical appliances shall be promptly closed when not in use. Students should immediately report to head teacher when electrical problems occur.  

14 To prevent and avoid fire accidents and protect life and property of the dormitory, our school will conduct fire control safety management in accordance with Fire Prevention Law of the People’s Republic of China and the relevant regulations. Behaviors in violation of fire control safety include:

1)    Intentionally damage and move fire-fighting equipments without authorization;

2)    Store or use inflammable, explosive, and corrosive dangerous goods and illegal electrical appliances, as well as use open fires, wiring and embezzle public electricity.

Illegal electrical appliances include:

a Electrical heating appliances such as heater, electric stove, electric blanket, and electric pan and electrical appliances without automatic power-off protection devices;

b Electrical appliances above 1000W;

c Electrical appliances without China Compulsory Certification.

The following wiring behaviors are forbidden:

a Pulling wires from other places (including public places), except for the fixed socket-outlet inside the room;

b Pulling wires from the fixed socket-outlet to the outside of the room.

15 To protect the public and private property and personal security, and maintain good public order, others shall not enter the dormitory except for the foreign students and staff. The access control system will be closed from 10:30 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.. Foreign students should come back to the dormitory on time.

16 The dormitory keys cannot be lent to others. It is strictly prohibited to make other keys or put on additional locks. Students are not allowed to change rooms without permission.

17 To create a healthy, clean and comfortable living environment, foreign students should maintain the public sanitation of the dormitory. No pets. Keep quiet and take good care of the facilities in the dormitory. Public property loss caused by human factors such as improper use requires the responsible one to compensate. 

18 A shared kitchen is built for all the foreign students. After cooking, students should clean the area and wash the utensils. Cooking in the room is strictly prohibited.

19 The safety inspection system shall be implemented in the dormitory management. The administrators shall take necessary measures to stop and eliminate the behaviors and potential security problems in violation of the Dormitory Management Approach.


Chapter Five Punishment for Violation

20 The punishment for foreign students in violation of provisions shall be divided into three degrees depending on the severity: presenting a written warning, circularizing a notice of criticism, and canceling the accommodation qualification. Students should compensate if their irregularities resulting in the losses of others’ legal rights and public property.

21 The punishment for foreign students in violation of regulations is determined by the International Education Department.

22 Foreign students engaged in the following irregularities inside the dormitory shall be given written warning when things are not so serious.

1)    Behaviors violating the fire safety management system and causing potential security problems, which have not led to any personal property loss.

2)    Behaviors destroying and influencing the living environment: smoking in the public areas, throwing things towards outside, spitting, keeping pets, and parking vehicles in the non-specified locations. 

3)    Decorating the dormitory without permission; damaging and changing the structure and function of the room.

4)    Intentionally or negligently causing public property losses.

5)    Engaged in business activities including leasing, repairing, and selling by the use of dormitorys and facilities.

6)    Coming back late three times and stay out once in one semester.

23 Foreign students engaged in the following irregularities in the dormitory shall be circularized a notice of criticism.

1)    Violating the provisions of passport, visa, and accommodation registration when things are not so serious.

2)    Lending keys to others, making new keys, changing the locks and adding new locks without permission.

3)    Making noises to disturb the public order and affect others.

4)    Hanging, distributing, and posting publicity materials without permission.

5)    Changing rooms without approval.

6)    Coming back late six times and stay out twice in one semester.

24 Foreign students engaged in the following irregularities in the dormitory shall be canceled the accommodation qualification.

1)    Engaged in criminal activities during the accommodation period.

2)    Transferring, leasing beds or lending rooms to others personally.

3)    Preventing the staff from performing duties by means of escaping, hiding, resisting and impeding.

4)    Behaviors resulting in serious safety problems are forbidden, such as violating the fire safety management system, storing or using flammable, explosive, corrosive and other dangerous goods and illegal electrical appliances, using fire, wiring, and misappropriating public electricity.

5)    Behaviors resulting in fire and leading serious damage to equipments and facilities in the dormitory.

6)    Letting others to stay in the dormitory.

7)    Maliciously or repeatedly violating provisions of passport, visa, and accommodation registration; or violating Chinese laws and staying in China illegally when things are serious.

8)    Refusing to pay accommodation fees.

9)    Coming back late over six times and stay out over twice in one semester.

10)Other behaviors recognized as serious irregularities by both the International Education Department and logistics.

25 Foreign students being canceled the accommodation qualification shall receive a written notice; if not, a written announcement will be displayed in the dormitory. The students must move away from the dormitories within five days after receiving the written notice or announcement. The administrators can prohibit one’s entry if they refuse to move out of the dormitory. And more than two staff will be designated to clean up their personal belongings. All losses should be borne by the students with disqualified accommodation.

26 Belongings shall be moved within five days by foreign students who leave the college. Or they will be thrown away by the college over expiration.

27 Foreign students who receive two written warnings in one semester shall be circularized a notice of criticism. Students who have been circularized two criticisms shall be canceled the accommodation qualification.