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Daily Management Discipline of Foreign Students in Changde Vocational Technical College (Trial)


1 Political Disciplines

1、Should not obey or opposite Chinese policies 、guidelines、laws or regulations.

2、Should not endanger the state security of China, harm public interests or disrupt the

public order. 

3、Do gather together to stir up trouble.

4、Prohibition of classroom boycott or illegal political rallies

5、Ban on Establishing and Joining in illegal Organization;and Should Not Print And Distribute illegal Books Or Leaflet.

6、Should not Make and Spread Political Rumor.

7、Should Not Watch Or Spread blue pornographic books and periodicals Or Movies.


2 Visa Disciplines

1、International Students who after entry China should make temporary resident permit in Exit-Entry Bureau of Public Security within 24 hours.

2、When mail students admission notices and JW202 forms, International admissions officers should also send them one entry notice. Students who after entry China should come to school  to make  temporary resident permit  within 24 hours first; If students within 24 hours cannot arrive to school, then should provide traffic tickets to certificate that they are on the way to college.

3、If students entry China late and no any vehicles in the middle night, then should choose foreign-related hotels.

4、When students leave changde city and arrive at another cities, the first and most important things is to make temporary resident permit in local Exit-Entry Bureau of Public Security within 24 hours or choose foreign-related hotels.

5、Students should inform your head teacher before 45 days of your visa will be expired


3 Meeting Disciplines

1、Students when gather together to have a meeting, watch movie, watch performance, attend sports competition and etc should be organized.

2、The headteacher organize students to enter into those places on time, and students should keep quiet and take seats according to the plan.

3、Students should not be late、leave early or absent.

4、Keep polite in the meeting places and should not do something irrelevant with the meeting.

4、No food, no spit anywhere, no crowd,keep public places tidy.

5、When meeting is over,students should leave one by one.


4 Study Disciplines

1、When class begins, students should arrive at classroom and sit down already ; Students cannot leave unless class is over.

2、Before each class, students should sign their names on The headteacher workbook.

3、No late, No early leave, no absent. Students who late in the class should say “excuse me”first to teacher and can go into the classroom after getting teacher's approval.

4、During the class, Students should respect teacher and should not do something unrelated with the class. For example playing cellphone or reading other kind of book and etc.

5、During the class, students should not pick up the phone calls, smoke or chatting with each other.

6、Students should finish the homework on time and with high quality.

7,Don't chase each other in the classroom,and Do not Scribble on the blackboard.

8、Teachers will show students expressions to the whole class every week, including who not attend classes, who attend classes on time . It is very important that college will give students scholarship according to it.

9、When having PE classes or experimental classes, students should follow teachers instructions  and abide by operation procedures strictly so that to avoid accident.


5 Dormitory Room Disciplines
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6 Student Canteen Disciplines

1、When Students have meals in students canteen,Please keep order when crowded and public places clean . No cutting into the line, No Spitting, No throwing litter anywhere, and should put the waste on the waste-basket.

2、Pay attention to save food.

3、If you are dissatisfied with  students canteen, students can give advice and suggestions to the related department, but cannot abuse those workers.Sudents should respect others.


7 Hygiene Disciplines

1、When Students have meals in students canteen,Please keep order when crowded and public places clean . No cutting into the line, No Spitting, No throwing litter anywhere, and should put the waste on the waste-basket.

2、Pay attention to save food.

3、If you are dissatisfied with  students canteen, students can give advice and suggestions to the related department, but cannot abuse those workers.Sudents should respect others.


8 Leave Disciplines

1、During the academic years, Students should ask for leave if cannot attend classes, practice and other kinds of activities.  If more than one day( include one day), should fill in the leaving form from the headteacher. Who not ask for leave and not attend activities, college regards them as absenteeism.

2、The headteacher should report  students attendance situation to the International Education Department regularly.

3、If students ask for sick leave, should submit  Hospital Diagnosis Certificate.

4、Private affairs leave cannot be approved commonly. The headteacher may approve the private affairs leave  one day with valid reason; The director in International Education Department may approve the private affairs leave less than one week; If more than one week, students should be approved by college vice president who in charge of our department.

   Students should return back on schedule. If need to extend the leave, should inform the headteacher.The total days of private affairs leave cannot go beyond the limit of one month during one semester; each time ask for leave cannot go beyond the limit of one week.

   Students do not return back to school  when the leave expired or without getting the permission from the headteacher to extend the leave, or the total days of private affairs leave is more than one month, college will inform police station to cancle visa.

   When applying new schools,students who need to go to new schools to have interviews should ask for leave from headteacher and return back on time.

5、Students who want outgoing  during summer vacation、winter vocation、weekend or other kinds of legal holidays should inform your headteacher and come back to college one day earlier before classes.


9 Safety management discipline

1、When walking and going up stairs or down stairs, students should keep to the right side, and not be crowded. Make sure not to cross the wall or window, climb the fence , chase frolic, climb trees and etc,.Do not participate in high-risk sports,such as underwater diving, parachuting, paragliding , roller- skating, skiing skating, bungee jumping, rock climbing , wrestling, judo , kickboxing, martial arts , karate, fencing and etc.

2、Pay attention to traffic safety , observe traffic rules and prevent traffic accidents. Do not take the non- operating vehicles ( that is passenger car with no operational qualification and no regular line),overloaded vehicles, small vehicles or motorcycles. Neither stop or chase cars, get on the bus if the bus starts the engine, nor run on the street at random. Driving after drinking, driving without a valid drivers license, or driving the motor vehicle without valid vehicle license is forbidden.

3、Pay attention to diet hygiene to prevent food poisoning. Do not drink unboiled water, cold water or dirty water. Eat spoiled food and beverage and excessive drinking are not allowed.

4、Collecting and carrying knives, sticks, air guns, infrared flashlights and  inflammables and explosives to enter the campus should be forbidden.

5、Do no gambling, fight or involve in pornographic information. Recognizing the dangers of drugs and consciously stay away from drugs .

6、Students who want to swim should go into the formal swimming pool with security measures. Swimming in ponds or reservoirs is not allowed.

7、When going out, students should not play and stay in dangerous construction site, building, hazardous locations, bridges and other dangerous places.

8、Strictly comply with the school electricity and water system. Not only keep using  electricity and water safety, but also saving water and electricity. Do not privately access line and use electrical appliances. In case of thunderstorm days, students should take protective measures, for example do not shelter under trees or tall buildings to prevent from lightning and electrical injury.

9、When go out at night,students should be cautious and with your friends. It is better to avoid to go to ATM at midnight when alone.

10、Promptly report to the head teacher if there are disputes between students. Solving the problems should go through normal channels rather than privately resolved.

11、If ill, students are required to go to infirmary first, or go to referral hospitals according to the infirmary suggestions. Neither go to the illegal clinic or hospital, nor unauthorized take medicine without doctor’s advice.

12、Learn how to do self-care and mutual aid. Reported to the head teacher as soon as possible when security incidents occurs so that injury or damage will be promptly minimized.

13、It is prohibited to do the illegal part-time job.

14、When going out,door and window should be closed,and take care of your belongs. College will not responsible for your luggage and belongs.

15、If students get sick or have accident injury, Please tell your headteacher as soon as possible. Headteacher will contact insurance company.