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Announcement of enrolling international students in Changde Vocational Technical

        Ⅰ. Programs and Admission

        International students can study at Chande Vocationa and Technical College under two different programs. They can choose to:

        1). apply for the degree program with a study period of three years. With the completion of studies required by the teaching plan and academic credits, they will get a junior college diploma authorized and issued by China’s Educational Divisions.When graduation and obtaining the specialist diploma, if international students can come through the Chinese Proficiency Test of the People’s Republic of China (HSK) (Literature and History major with level five, science and engineering major with level three). If they want to go on further study, they can be recommended by our college to further study in the undergraduate colleges and universities. What's more, graduates can obtain bachelor degree and the corresponding degree.

        2). apply for the non-degree program. They will study under the guidance of the teachers of Chande Vocationa and Technical College for a year and takethe HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) for a certificate of qualification in Chinese.


        Ⅱ. Requirements for Application

        1). The applicant must be a non-chinese citizen, aged above 18, with a valid foreign passport. He must be healthy, decent and willing to abide by Chinese laws and the college’s regulations as well as respect Chinese customs.

        2). Applicants who apply for the degree program have to pass the HSK (grade 3 or above). Only when the applicant passes the examnication can he apply for the degree program.


        Ⅲ. Application time and procedures

        1). Application time: the first half year of 2013

        Admission time: from Jun 1st – Sept.30th , 2013

        2). Applicaton procedure:

        1. The applicant fills in the application form for international students at Chande Vocationa and Technical College (Form 1) and file the application through mail or E-mail. They must provide a CV in duplicate, educational certificate (high shool or equal education) in duplicate, health certificate, a copy of the valid passport in duplicate.

        2. the first-round review will be conducted by the college according to the documents provided by applicants

        3. applicants who have passed the first round review  will be reported by the enrollment office to college leaders for approval.

        4. After the approval by the college, applicants will be reported to Hunan Educational Department for approval and record.

        5.The International Education Department will mail the letter of admission and Visa Application Form for Study in China to the approved applicants

        6. Approved applicants must arrive at the college for registration on time after related formalities have been concluded in their home county.

        7. International students can fill in the application for for “Peachblossom Land “ scholarship for international students at CD (form 2),and appli for the scholarship. (for details see “Provisions for Peachblossom Land scholarship for international students at CD)

        8. The college will go through relevant formalities within the stipulated time.


         IV. Enrollment scale

        150 students for degree education;

        No limit for non-degree educaton.


        V. Major and charge


Major Name


Accommodation Fee


5460yuan / year

2000 yuan / year

Clinical Medicine

5460yuan / year

2000yuan / year

Medical Hairdressing Technology

5460yuan / year

2000 yuan / year


5460yuan / year

2000 yuan / year

Architectural Engineering Technology

4600yuan / year

2000 yuan / year

Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Technology

4600yuan / year

2000 yuan / year

Electromechanical Integration Technology

4600yuan / year

2000 yuan / year

Computer Network Technology

4600yuan / year

2000 yuan / year


3500 yuan / year

2000 yuan / year

Animal Husbandry and Veterinary

3000 yuan / year

2000 yuan / year

Gardening Technology

3000 yuan / year

2000 yuan / year


         VI.  Scholarship         The fees for non-academic education international students (Chinese language students) : tuition is of 3,000 yuan / year; accommodation is of 2000 yuan / year.

        1. Scholarship for international students funded by the states and local government

        2. Scholarship for International students provided by the college itself

        3. Scholarship for international students provided by enterprises


         VII.  Contact information

        Adress: The International Education Department of Changde Vocational and Technical College, Change, Hunan

        Zip code: 415000

        Tel: 86-0736-7280226       


        E-mail: misspanda1987@163.com

        Website: www.cdzy.cn/english